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General Terms and Conditions


These general terms and conditions apply to the rental and reservation of the holiday home Maison Adeline in Han-sur-Lesse. When you book the holiday home, you agree to the rental conditions below. Please read them carefully when you want to book.

Art. 1. Booking

  • The renter will receive a rental confirmation by e-mail within 48 hours.
  • Within 3 days after receipt of this rental confirmation, an advance of 50% of the rent sum must be paid. This amount is stated on the rental confirmation and must be transferred to the account BE04 3631 2848 After receipt of the payment, the reservation is final. By making the reservation, these general terms and conditions come into force. If the payment is not received within 14 days, the option of reservation expires and you will be informed by email.
  • The remainder of the rent + deposit (€ 1000) must be received no later than 6 weeks before the start of the rental period. If this has not taken place, the tenant will receive an email with the request to pay the amount within 5 working days. If the payment does not happen yet, this will be seen as a cancellation of the property by the renter and the cancellation conditions of Article 2 apply. The landlord then has the right to offer the property for rental again.
  • When booking within 6 weeks before the start of the rental period, you must pay the total rent sum + deposit immediately.

Art. 2. Cancellation policy

2.1 Cancellation by the renter:

  • The renter can cancel in writing, within a cooling-off period of 7 days after reservation, free of charge.
  • Rebooking: up to 6 months before arrival you can change the dates of your booking once, whereby the date of the new booking for stay must take place within 12 months after the change. The prices at the time of the rebooking will then apply.
  • In case of cancellation by the renter, the following costs apply:
    • In case of cancellation up to the 90th day before the day of arrival: 50% of the rental price.
    • In case of cancellation between 90th and 60th day before the day of arrival: 75% of the rental price.
    • In case of cancellation from the 60th day until the day of arrival or later: the full rental price.
  • If the stay cannot take place due to measures imposed by the Belgian government or another agency, the booking will be rebooked free of charge to another available period and formula (weekend, long weekend, midweek, week,…). The sums already paid from the original booking will be deducted from the applicable rental price of the new chosen period and formula.
  • A change or cancellation by the renter must at all times be communicated in writing or by e-mail, stating name and rental period. The landlord will send a confirmation by email of the change or cancellation within 7 days.

2.2 Cancellation by the lessor:

  • If circumstances force the landlord to cancel the stay, the renter will be notified immediately and the rental agreement will lapse. In this case, the landlord will refund the amount already paid by the renter within 48 hours after the aforementioned notification to the renter. In this case, the renter has no more or other right than to reclaim the sums already paid and therefore expressly waives further rights.
  • The lessor reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement in the event of inaccuracy of the personal data provided.

Art. 3. Rental costs

The rent includes the rental of the house as stated on the website. The rent includes bed and bath linen (excluding bath linen for swimming pool and sauna), final cleaning, wireless internet and energy costs, tourist tax. When leaving the house, the house must be returned in good condition. This means: cleaning up the house, putting everything back in place, emptying garbage cans, cleaning up the counter and emptying the dishwasher. The household appliances used (oven, hob, BBQ …) must be cleaned. The used bed and bath linen must be collected before departure in the laundry room downstairs. In case of non-compliance with these conditions, an additional cleaning fee of 30 euros/hour may be charged.

Deposit: the holiday home and the surrounding area must be used with care and in accordance with the destination. To this end, we ask for a mandatory deposit of € 1000 for the stay. This deposit will be ,deducted from any damage and/or extra cleaning costs (cfr. Art 3), refunded after departure within 2 weeks after the rental period. If the damage and /or extra cleaning costs exceed the amount of the deposit, the renter will be informed of the extra costs and will be obliged to transfer this additional payment within the week after notification.

Art. 4. House rules

  • The rental periods :
    • Weekend: from Friday 16h to Sunday 20h
    • Extended weekend: rental period according to calendar on website
    • Midweek: from Monday 16h to Friday 10h
    • Week: from Friday 16h to Friday 10h
  • No pets are allowed in the holiday home.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the holiday home.
  • The holiday home is not rented for bachelor parties, student cantuses.
  • When booking under false pretenses, the deposit will be withheld and the renter will not get access to the holiday home. If attendance is detected under false promises during the rental period, the landlord reserves the right to immediately stop the lease and deny access to the holiday home. The renter in this case has no right to return of funds, except for the deposit if there is no damage and / or extra cleaning costs (Art. 3).
  • In the event of a fire, you must inform the fire brigade (112) and the owner. Fire extinguishers are available in the holiday home.
  • It is not allowed to rent the holiday home with more than the stated maximum number of people (26 people). Additional tents, caravans or motorhomes are also not allowed. Children less than 2 years old are not counted as full persons, but must be mentioned in advance. Subletting is not permitted. If there is a violation of the maximum number of people, the landlord reserves the right to immediately terminate the lease and deny access to the holiday home. The renter in this case has no right to return of funds, except for the deposit if there is no damage and / or extra cleaning costs (Art. 3).
  • The household waste must be sorted correctly in the bins provided for this purpose.

The Ardennes, that means peace and serenity for everyone. Also for our neighbors. Do you take this into account together with us? 

  • No music is allowed in our outdoor environment.
  • In the outdoor environment, no excessive noise may be made during the day.
  • After 22h it should also be quiet so as not to cause any nuisance to our neighbors.

Art. 5. Liability

  • The renter undertakes to treat the rented property as a good family man. In case of nuisance and / or damage to the house or the inventory, or non-compliance with the house rules, you run the risk of having to leave the holiday home.
  • As a landlord we have no liability for theft, loss, damage or injury of or to goods or persons, of whatever nature, during or as a result of a stay in the holiday home, the games made available, swimming pool, sauna, terraces, gardens.
  • The renter is obliged to be insured for damage to third parties such as liability insurance (family insurance).
  • As a landlord, we are not liable for malfunctions in the service or defects in services provided by third parties.
  • The renter is liable for all loss and/or damage to the rented accommodation and/or other property of the lessor arising during its use by the renter and/or other users, regardless of whether this is the result of acts or omissions of the renter and/or of third parties who are in the house with the permission of the renter.
  • All damage must be reported to the landlord before the departure of the renter.

Art. 6. Complaints

Complaints in connection with inventory and (existing) damage or defects must be reported immediately on 0032 (0)498 922 778, so that the landlord is able to resolve the complaint, if possible.

Art. 7. Other

The rental agreement is governed by Belgian law. All disputes relating to this agreement will be settled by the competent court in Mechelen.

All mentions on the website of Maison Adeline ( are deemed to have been provided in good faith and are always subject to interim adjustments. The landlord is not bound by obvious errors on its website.